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Online Sessions take place within the home studio, fully equipped with industry standard, top of the line equipment. This enables professional recordings to be made of any style, ranging from Metal soloing to Soul chordal work, with everything in between.


Online Sessions allow for fast turnaround with no extra travel costs, leaving a greater amount of time for more diligent work to be carried out according to the needs of the client.



  • Client sends Audio Files and/or Instructions/Request for recording

  • New part is written.

  • Once green lit by client, the new part is recorded to multiple tracks, including a DI recording.

  • New audio files are sent back to the client with an additional description of recording work that has been carried out.

Price is dependant on the size and timescale of the project

Please get in touch via the CONTACT page for requests.


Rock Rhythm & Lead Example
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Melodic Solo
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