Tuition can take place in the home studio or in the home of the student, covering any area/style you wish, from absolute beginner to advanced levels, and is tailored solely to your specific needs. Lessons are also available via FaceTime and Skype.



£15 (½ Hour)


£25 (1 Hour)


£40 (2 Hours)

Please get in touch through the CONTACT page if you wish to book a lesson.

What is on offer is an opposite method to the standard practices of teachers who force an uncompromising approach to the teaching and learning process, wherein a student is required to learn in the way that is dictated solely by the teacher. This approach often renders students unwilling to continue, because the idea of learning very often comes in a moment of inspiration. Therefore, if you do not teach the music or build upon the concepts that inspire the student to carry on, they will likely give up or go their own way.


Why not learn instead, from a caring, diligent teacher who is flexible in their teaching method, versatile in musical ability, who teaches what the student truly wants to learn?